Why Green Point?

Green Point specialise in the supply of both Original branded cartridges and our own Green Point branded cartridges. If you currently use Original branded cartridges we will aim to save you up to 50% off your costs by switching to our Green Point branded range. 

A high quality cartridge matching Original brand specifications and quality whilst saving 50% of the cost!

Can you afford not to switch? 

           "They are too expensive, there are cheaper ones online"           

Green Point offer a product to match the Original cartridges specifications and quality. There has been a much greater influence over recent years of Chinese imports flooding the market. Cheap compatible products being sold at rock bottom pricing are readily available meaning quality products with aftercare services to match are becoming harder to find and people are buying on pricing alone. Not all aftermarket products are the same; a high quality Green Point cartridge will cost more than these cheap compatible alternatives.

The difference? - They are designed and built to be a direct alternative to the OEM, not a cheaper version. 

                "But I've tried compatibles and they didn't work!"                

As above buying a cheaper version of the original can provide variable results. Use a direct replacement to the Original and you can expect matching quality. Here at Green Point we offer a cost effective and trusted way to buy cartridges and consumables for customers. Using our remanufactured cartridges will not cause abnormal wear or damage to any printer and will not void the printer's warranty.

Each cartridge includes a 12 month warranty and has been individually tested to ensure unparalleled and consistent quality. Our customers can expect perfect prints from all of our toner cartridges and a long product life that matches the branded equivalents. Every cartridge we build uses toner that is matched to the original cartridge specifications, making them ideal for everything from digital photos to everyday printing. 

                       "I'm happy with my current supplier."                        

Everybody wants a supplier they can be happy with and trust. Our dedicated team understand the need to provide the unrivaled service needed so you never need to look at alternative suppliers again. We offer one of the most extensive ranges of aftermarket product in the UK that is warrantied as standard. 

Having an on-site technical team means not only are we constantly improving and upgrading our products, we can resolve almost all issues over the phone without you having to go through a lengthy returns process.

We can't guarantee a product will never go wrong, what we will guarantee is that someone will be here to help you through every step of the way should that happen.

                                       "We are in a contract."                                       

If you have taken out a contract that included servicing, maintenance and hardware as standard then it is understandable. It is amazing how few actually offer these services though. Locking yourself into a long term deal limiting your options can cause you a massive headache when your business requirements change.

Speak to us about our short term contracts that are designed for ease and flexibility, include service, maintenance and the hardware that you then own at the end of the contract.   




Please feel free to browse our site. Our stocks are constantly changing as we try to provide a more extensive service, so don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team via our phone number 0800 156 0799, email admin@greenpoint.org.uk or contact form to inquire about any product you are having difficulty finding.




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