When you talk to someone about a managed print service they automatically think of large copy machines, lengthy 5 year contracts, monthly rental fees, cost per page charges regardless of what you print with no flexibility or way out.

Green Point believes differently, we offer a total care service plan tailored to suit any size business.


                              So what makes Green Point different?                              

As standard we include brand new printers, servicing and maintenance on all of our short term contracts. When we say short term contracts we mean it, generally 2 years but can be tailored from 1 – 3 years depending on what your business would like. At the end of the contract you own the printers; we won’t just come in and take them away forcing you to start again from scratch. We will discuss options again at this point, whether it be a new contract with new machines or an extension of your running contract.

We regularly check in to ensure the contract is still working for your business, as business’ increase so does their printing. Adding machines or changing the machines during the contract is easily achievable with our flexible plans. We are here to help your printing requirements not restrict them.

Now here’s the clincher, how about we offer the above to you with no monthly fees? What if we then told you that we will not charge you per page you print?


                                   How can we do that?                                   

Quite simply we incorporate all costs into the toner expense, we charge you per cartridge you use. This leaves you much greater control and mimics the seasonal changes your company may experience. If your company has a month where your printing requirements are minimal or business is slower you pay less than when your business is at is busiest and printing more.

You only pay for the toner you use.

How many times we hear how people print a document or email out and 2 or 3 additional pages go through the printer for seemingly no reason. Why tie yourself into a contract with someone who is going to charge you for all of those pages when 2 of them were blank? Even worse that little colour logo you didn’t spot in the footer now means you are charged for 3 pages of colour printing.

By paying per cartridge removes all these hidden, unexpected additional charges. You can check your toner levels and predict when your next expense will be and foresee when additional toners will be required.

All our contracts include our consumable supply software. This is a simple piece of software installed onto your computer that monitors the toner level for any networked machine. When your toner level’s drop to a pre-arranged level your replacement toner will arrive automatically without the need for input from you.


A simple, effective printer contract that gives me the flexibility my business requires?

Self-ordering toner supplies, whilst saving me money?


As mentioned, all our contracts are tailored to your business requirements. Get in contact and we will arrange for one our printer experts to visit your site, talk to you about what you need for your printer requirements and create a package to suit. We even have the technology to read your printer usage over a specified time to assist in creating a suitable package for your printing needs.



Most cartridges are sold through computer shops or stationary dealers, people with great service skills but no specialised knowledge of printers or printer supplies – Our area of expertise, take advantage of what we can offer and we will demonstrate just how easy managing your printers and print set up can be. 

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